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Energy efficiency in housing: EU tools to unlock the potential

9 December 2008

9:00 to 17:00

Venue: European Economic and Social Committee (Room JDE-62) - Rue Belliard 99-10, Brussels
ako som uz avizoval, mame moznost poslat na seminar  o energet. ucinnosti budov (na stole je nova dolezita smernica EU) jedneho cloveka - je to v Bruseli, 9.12. 08, poriada EEB.
Ak je medzi nami silny kandidat/ka s patricnym backgroundom, nech sa bratom ozve aby sme mohli nominovat. Program seminara je nizsie.
juro mesik

Background and Objectives:

Just one year before the crucial Copenhagen Summit which will determine the future of global climate change policy, this

conference will offer a unique opportunity to consider the strategies needed to make energy efficiency a powerful instrument

of the EU’s fight against dangerous climate change and evaluate the potential of the EU’s Second Strategic Energy Review to

set the scene for the creation of a framework which will allow maximisation of energy efficiency.

What actions do we need to carry-out at Member States and/or EU level to promote low energy houses? The first session will be

devoted to presentation and discussion on the proposal for revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

following its publication in November from different stakeholders and how to improve it. In the second session we will discuss

on proposals for future actions at EU level.


9:00-9:30 Opening


John Hontelez, Secretary General, European Environmental Bureau

Paul-Louis Marty, Chair of CECODHAS Energy Expert Network

Ulla Sirkeinen, EESC member and rapporteur of the opinion "Energy end-use efficiency and energy services"

Keynote introduction:

Jorgen Henningsen, EPC: Why the EU needs to develop energy efficiency policies


Morning session:

The new EPBD: how to reinforce its potential to really increase energy efficiency and conservation

Chair: Albert Koedam, AEDES - Dutch Social Housing Organisation

Introduction: Short movie on energy efficiency potential in housing (Husbanken)

9:30-11:00 The energy performance certificates

Presentation of the Commission’s proposal:

Martin Elsberger, DG TREN, European Commission: the main improvements of the new proposal (tbc)

Reactions/ Case studies:

Ingrid Vogler, GdW - German Housing Federation: Establishment of a reference building to implement the EPBD)

Tonka Grgic, assistant Director, The Public Housing Fund of the Municipality of Ljubljana: “Energy efficient construction and

retrofitting of social housing in the city of Ljubljana”

Eric Lamoulen, from French public landlord

Claude Turmes, MEP (tbc)

11:00-11:15 Coffee break


11:15-13:00 Participation of users


Luc Stijnen - importance of tenants behaviour - speaking from many years of experience not just theory can also give state of

the art best practices in social housing (Belgium member of CECODHAS) (tbc)


Barbara Klomp, Energy Saving Advisor, The Nederland’s national tenants association (Nederlandse Woonbond): “agreement

on energy saving in the social housing sector”

Barbara Steenberger, IUT - International Union of Tenants

Kyriakos Gialoglou, European Commission, DG SANCO

Fiona Hall, MEP: how to prepare the EP position

Questions from the audience


13:00-14:00 Lunch break


Afternoon session:

Promote low energy housing: what EU tools and policies?

Chair: Hubert David, EURIMA

Introduction: Short movie on energy efficiency policies in Sweden to refurbish the “1 millions home”


14:00-15:15 Towards efficient policies ?


Arianna Vitali Roscini, Policy Officer for energy conservation in buildings; WWF EPO: Overview of EU policies linked to energy



Patrick Lambert, Director EACI: outputs of SAVE programme.

Sindre Samsing, Senior Advisor - Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development; Norwegian law to

have binding standard of oil-free construction in the next 5 years

Ursula Hartenberger, RICS: policies to implement the EPBD: overview of national strategies


15:15-17:00 Which financial tools ?

Presentations: InoFIN project results: how to finance refurbishment? The untapped potential of structural funds in Eastern



Erzsebet Beliczay, architect and environmental expert on land use construction and climate change issues, Clean Air Action

Group, Hungary: Hungarian experience

French Presidency: Grenelle on energy efficiency and what to expect from recast EPBD (tbc)

Forthcoming Czech Presidency: future plans of EPBD (tbc)


Conclusion: CECODHAS/EEB

Energia Autor:
Pavel Petráš
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