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Wind turbine generator

1kw 2kw 5kw 10kw 200w 300w 500w
500w 300kw and 3kw 3kw packing 3kw packing 3kw tower 3kw inverter 3kw controller
5kw 10kw 10kw        
inverter inverter inverter inverter 300w roof 300w roof 300w in the box

(ISO9001:2000, ISO9002, and CE certified for the generators, with tower, controller, and inverter, no battery) retail price in US dollar, ship to warehouse on our list

We have 2kw, 3kw, 5kw, 10kw wind turbines in Los Angeles warehouse, please call Joann 562-250-0574 for pick up

Model   rated power/rotor RPM/DC output   inverter AC output   tower(m/ft)   battery bank (not included)   off-grid single phase system (USD)   weight(kg/lbs) packing(m3) units in 20ft/40ft container off-grid inverter(included)(USD)   tower(included)(USD) off-grid three phase Chinese inverter upgrade(USD) off-grid 240V 60Hz Chinese inverter


  Windy Boy grid tied inverter(USD)   upgrade to Chinese grid tied controller(USD) extra set of  blades(USD)
HS200   200W/450rpm/12V/24V   110V, 240V 60Hz/220V,380V 50Hz   4.5/15   12V 100AH x 2   831   120/264 0.12 185/246 21   21 N/A     2,600   N/A 26
HR300   300W/650rpm/12V/24V/36V/48V roof no tower   12V 150AH x 2   1,170   24/53 0.14 180/260 43   N/A N/A   N/A 33
HS300   300W/400rpm/24V 6/20   12V 150AH x 2   995   120/264 0.23 134/182 43   43 N/A   N/A 39
HS500   500W/400rpm/24V/36V 6/20   12V 150AH x 3   1,171   140/308 0.3 121/166 60   47 N/A   N/A 52
HS1K   1KW/400rpm/48V 6/20   12V 200AH x 4   1,561   150/330 0.53 83/115 114   129 N/A   334 122
HS2K   2KW/400rpm/120V/240V 9/30   12V 100AH x 20   2,753   300/660 0.85 24/85 214   214 N/A     3,000   334 209
HS3K   3KW/220rpm/240V 9/30   12V 200AH x 20   5,449   535/1177 1.2 18/62 286   357 743     3,425   334 608
HS5K   5KW/200rpm/240V   220/380V 50/60Hz   12/40   12V 300AH x 20   8,104   800/1760 3.4 10/24 1,214   714 4,234     5,750   334 695
HS10K   10KW/180rpm/240V/360V 12/40   12V 400AH x 20   13,298   900/1980 4.1 6/20 2,843   1,129 4,234 4085   5,750 x 2   371 1,391
HS20K   20KW/90rpm/360V 18/60   12V 400AH x 30   24,458   1500/3300 8.3 4/10 4,286   2,143 5,572 7057   5,750 x 4   483 2,129

hydraulic tower 3 sections 2051 kgs/4513 lbs, 4 cbm 12m/40ft $3400 for up to 10kw turbines plus shipping $600, hydraulic pump 16Mpa 0.46 cbm 220kgs/484lbs $2000 plus shipping $150video of installation for hydraulic tower in mpeg format

anemoscope US$460

30% (minimum US$1000) deposit for single unit, and the balance must be paid off before warehouse pick up for customers in the states and Canada.

New 300w roof model 60 db only for your roof mini wind farm, HR300 $350/unit FOB China for bulk order, $1170 per unit for retail.

Spec and packing

We will have the new spec for high wind speed and low wind speed soon. shipping packing for HS series

temperature -40 to 60 deg C or -40 to 140 deg F

Wind Boy UL listed grid tied inverters for up to 6kw,

if you need 10kw grid tied, you can couple 2 of HS5K;

if you need 15kw grid tied, you can couple 3 of HK5K;

if you need 20kw grid tied, you can couple 4 of HS5K.

Windy boy series UL(E210376)/CE/G77/G83/1/DK5950/AS4777/TUV listed grid tied 120/240 Vac inverter, WB1800U 1.8kw, WB2500U 2.5kw, WB3800U 3.8kw, WB6000U 6kw, for 10kw and 20kw, you can couple two or more WB6000U inverters or build a mini wind farm.  The wind turbine/controller/Windy Boy inverter has to be set up/programmed to get the most yields.

Tell us, what you need for your system,

120 Vac or 240 Vac?

with tower or without tower?

with inverter or without inverter?

single phase or three phase?

grid tied or stand alone? If it is grid tied, please fax us the grid tied policy from your power company, 305-819-1418

What kind of certificates? CE? UL? CSA? G83/1?

Usually we have 200w to 10kw generators in stock in Shanghai China, and ship out in 3 to 5 days after receiving your payments. We clear customs for USA, Canada.  GST base on the prices for customers in Canada.

We have grid tied Chinese inverters for 110/220Vac, with CE for up to 100kw.

If you need a 5kw wind turbine with WB6000U grid tied inverter, you cost will be,

HS5k 5kw $8,104

no off-grid inverter -$1,214

grid tied controller $334

WB6000U inverter $5,750

total: $12,974

Please call your utility company before you order a grid tied system, we can help with your application.

manual for Windy Boy 1800U, 2500U, 6000U grid tied inverters in PDF, Windy Boy grid tied system connection diagram in PDF, three phase grid tired connection in PDF

spec for 1kw 48vdc to 220vac inverter, spec for 2k to 3k 240VDC to 220VAC inverter, spec for maton 5-10k inverter


For all HS models in pdf.

installation word file 300w roof 1kw 2kw 5kw    10kw   2WB 20kw  swf up to 5000w 5000w and up


6 month parts warranty for controller and inverter, 2 years parts warranty for the generator/tower.

Make your own tower, please make your adaptor to our generator. HS5k flange, HS10k flange, HS20k flange

VM series vertical wind generator

(with controller, no tower, no inverter, no battery) retail price in US dollar, ship to warehouse on our list with extra cost

Model Rated power packing m3 weight(kg/lb) tower price in USD FOB China off-grid single phase  inverter tower(7m/12m) USD upgrade to three phase Chinese inverter(USD)
VM50 50W       1,274      
VM200 200W       1,747      
VM300 300W       1,976      
VM500 500W       5,282      
VM1K 1KW       6,326     620
VM3K 3KW       17,507     1,690
VM5K 5KW       26,294     4,646
VM10K 10KW       52,681     8,600
VM15K 15KW       58,669     7,600
VM20K 20KW       72,032     6,800
VM25K 25KW       104,087     10,000
VM30K 30KW       121,514     12,000
VM50K 50KW       146,457     14,200
VM100K 100KW       170,672      
VM200K 200KW       324,292      
VM300K 300KW       475,392      

VM50, VM200 and VM300 are for street lamp

A is diameter in mm

B is tower height in mm

C is the guy radius in mm, independent tower for 10kw to 50kw

all the towers for VM series are optional, not included in the prices, the standard tower height is 7m, optional 12m or 15m for models from 1kw to 50kw

the standard controller is 172-350v

the standard inverter is 220v/110v single phase, optional 380v three phase

lead time 50 days estimated for 10kw and less, or 90 days for 15kw and up

spec controller spec


HF series 1MW to 3MW

By custom design only, please provide your desired capacity, policy of your power company, environment regulations from your area, size of your wind farm, location, height (hypsometric map), wind speed data for one year, temperature,  geological data, aerial photography map of the area, and all the related information.

The drive train of the WWD-1 wind turbine consists of a single-stage planetary gear and a low-speed synchronous generator. The concept combines the reliability of a direct drive and the compactness of a gear system.

HF1M generator, no tower

lead time 12 month estimated

General  HF1M HF3M
Rated power 1000 kW 3000kW
Power control Pitch Pitch, variable speed
Type 3 blades, 4 degree tilt, up-wind 3 blades, up-wind
Cut-in wind speed 3,0 m/s 4
Rated wind speed 12,5 m/s 12m/s(D97 m)/13m/s(D90 m)
Cut-out wind speed 25,0 m/s 20m/s(D97 m)/25m/s(D90 m)
Design maximum 59,5 m/s (at hub height)
Colour of tower and nacelle RAL 7035 grey
Classification IEC II, -8.5 m/s, 20 years
S, -7.5 m/s, Ti= 14%, 30 years
-30...+ 30 ºC
IEC II-A, 18%, -8.5m/s, 20 years(D90 m)

IEC III-B-16%, -7.5m/s, 20 years (D97 m)

Operating temperature -30...+ 30 ºC
Rotor diameter 56 m / 60 m 90m and 97 m

HF1M spec  HF3M spec video for HF3M


grid tied inverter

CE certified for up to 100kw, in US dollar FOB Shanghai

Model Wind turbine Capacity FOB Shanghai

unit price in USD

Input Output Frequency
WG1.5KTL 1KW $1,166 70-450 Vdc 200-260 Vac 50Hz
WG3K 2KW $2,097 200-450 Vdc 200-260 Vac 50Hz
WG5K 3KW $3,077 200-450 Vdc 200-260 Vac 50Hz

Vietor Autor:
Pavel Petráš
5052 x

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Združenie ochranárov severovýchodného Slovenska - PČOLA, Levočská 38
064 01 Stará Ľubovňa, Kontaktná osoba: Pavel Petráš mobil: 0910 598858

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